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4 Of PROCEED’s team members you should get to know

Gili Regev

CEO and founder

Gili is the founder of the company, an expert in strategic consulting and leading large organizations. He is best known for his great experienced in the area of PMO and Governance.

Gili also lectures in professional forums in Israel and around the world

He is responsible for the initiation and establishment of PMO & PPM Korea Forum and co-founder of the PMO course with John Bryce.

Gili holds a Master’s degree in BA and holds an Industrial Engineering BSc degree

Maya Blank

HR Director

Maya leads the Human Resources and the company’s recruitment activity.

She is in charge of all aspects of human resources at Proceed including strategic planning, recruitment and welfare, evaluation and empowerment of employees, learning and development, advises management in decision making and member of the division’s board.

She holds an MA in Organizational Development from Bar Ilan University and a BA in Philosophy and the Multidisciplinary program from Tel Aviv University.

Zafrir Ben Yosef


CFO and a Board Member since 2017.

Zafrir is head of the company’s financial managment

has extensive experience of 10 years in finance, project accompaniment and characterization of financial systems.

Prior to that, he worked for the parent company of the group – HMS Halperin Consultants, as head of budgeting and control.

He holds a BA in economics and business administration and holds a certificate in information system analysis and design.

Yamit Vaalani

Sales Director

Yamit is the sales manager and head of outsourcing and managed services. She leads and guides the consultant’s activity in the IT divisions operated by our  market leading customers


She has 15 years of experience in sales and marketing roles in the IT industry.

Previous career roles: Sales and Marketing Manager at STKI, Project and Training Manager at Gilon.

Yamit holds a BA degree in Business Administration

Amitay Cohen

Head of consulting services

Amitay is the Head of consulting services of the company.

best known for his expertise in economic feasibility analysis for projects, establishment of global PMO bodies, planning and control of projects in global companies, assimilation of methods for managing projects and training in this field.

Amitay has over 20 years of experience in the field of project management in Israel and abroad in direct and matrix management.He is also a lecturer in project management in public, government and business organizations, among them: the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Air Force pilot’s course, the Israel Management Center, and more. Amitay holds a BA degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, a Master of Business Administration and a graduate of the Executive Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Eli Mond

PPM Manager

Eli is the Project and Portfolio Manager Architect He specializes in the development of continuous improvement processes of the PPM strategy and brings with him over 10 years of experience in project management for companies in Israel and abroad.  His expertise are consulting, furthering  advancing projects and implementation of structural  changes in management, review and planning

Idan Malul

Head of ALM & DevOps

ALM solutions architect and tests management.

Specializes in the characterization, development and implementation of project management tools ,Knowledge & content Management tools, while using the latest tools to support Agile and DevOps projects.

A vast technological knowledge with experience in software project management.