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PROCEED selects its partners with care with a mind to provide excellent solutions to its customers


  • CA Technologies – is an international company implementing CLARITY at customers places of business.
    As partners of CA Technologies we have taken it upon ourselves to assist in creating a market for CLARITY by putting in significant marketing and Pre Sale efforts.
    We familiarized ourselves with the the infrastructure and devised a comprehensive solution which combined consultation, architecture and technical capabilities of system adjustment, interfaces, report handling and Database.


  • PMZONE Ltd. – specializes in providing training and workshops and is the exclusive representative in Israel of several complementary products in the field of Project Management. PMZONE is led by Daniel Zitter and Hamutal Weisz – both are specialists in the field of Project Management and PMOs. Collaborating with PMZONE expands our performance capabilities in the area of consultation and training and enables our customers to benefit from a more comprehensive solution which is better suited to their requirements.


  •  PPM&PMO forum – in collaboration with People & Computers.  The forum is designed for senior managers in headquarters positions who are responsible for PMO Planning & Control, and for Project Portfolio Management. The forum serves as a professional meeting place for getting updated on innovations, ideas and solutions for current problems in the area of Planning & Control in the Israeli market.


  • John Bryce Israel -The leading company in Israel in the area of Computers & IT Training. Collaborating with John Bryce resulted in the devising of a unique and successful PMO course. This course has become the new standard for PMO training. Emphasis is being placed on Planning & Control at all levels – beginning with project tasks and concluding with providing training for the Division and for the organization as a whole.     Additionally, the course offers the participants a rare glimpse into the workings of some of the largest MPO bodies in the Israeli market and into their perceptions of PMO best practices.


  • Prosymmetry – in collaboration with PROCEED and with PMZONE – are representing TEMPUS in Israel – as of the beginning of the current year.  We have entered into this collaboration having seen the many researches indicating that better Resource Management tools are required, seeing that existing PPM (Project Portfolio Management) tools do not provide satisfactory solutions.     TEMPUS is the next generation of Resource Management – good Project, Program and Portfolio Management necessitates good grasp of details. TEMPUS is the tool that provides precisely that. 


  • MULESOFT is the only supplier registered as a leading supplier in three out of the four areas in Garnter’s Magic Quadrant. The solution comes with over 100 built-in interfaces to various systems – and supports ON PREMISE work as well as work in Cloud. The solution serves many organizations from around the world and is now being represented in Israel by PROCEED.  We entered into this collaboration with the purpose of enabling Israeli organizations to enjoy the ANYPOINT product.  ANYPOINT is the only platform which enable companies to affect  businesswise changes by using API-led Connectivity.


  • TOP RAMDOR – of TOP Group. The group develops Software products for projects in the Engineering field. TOP RAMDOR is currently positioned as the company which is leading this technology and the professionalization of Project Management in the Engineering field. It was, therefore, natural for PROCEED to collaborate with them on one of the most complex projects in the field of Planning & Control.