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We specialize in optimizing work processes and in implementing solutions which assist the organization and its managers to realize their full business potential in a complex and changing environment. 
We take part in successful implementation of consultation processes in many large organizations in the Israeli market – such as banks, leading hi-tech companies and more.  
Our uniqueness stems from the fact that the guidance we offer is provided by business experts who are leaders in their field, as well as from our innovation, self-application, dedication and excellent rapport with our customers.
In the area of consultation – PROCEED offers a wide spectrum of services:








  • Setting up and guiding PMO Planning & Control entities  

The challenge:
The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise.
Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its  management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

PROCEED’s Solution:
In order to carry this out effectively and in full collaboration, we have devised a applicative process which enables the provision of effective guidance to the organization.
At the conclusion of a quick process lasting several weeks, PROCEED provides the organization with a full PMO program which includes the PMO’s Mission Statement – this is a specification of the services it is to provide the organization, as well as a Work Program for PMO setting up.
We carry out the PMO’s Mission Statement process once every 18 months in existing PMO entities – since we perceive there is a need to rejuvenate the services provided by the PMO and adjust them to the organization’s most up to date requirements.

The service is designed for PMO entities which are currently being set up as well as for PMO entities already in some form of operation for a period longer than 18 months – who wish to review and enhance their current work practices.




  • Setting up and guiding OCIO/BRM  

The challenge:
The OCIO (Office of the CIO) and the BRM (Business Relations Manager) are crosswise, supportive professional bodies greatly affecting the carrying out of business by the IT entity.
PROCEED has carried out thorough research – based on Best Practice methodologies employed in the industry – as well as research comparing dozens of bodies in the industry, in order to solidify and focus the organizational work practices and structures of OCIO bodies already operating in the market.
Based on this research, we have devised a unique solution for the setting up of OCIO and BRM entities and fitting them to the organization’s requirements.

PROCEED’s Solution:
PROCEED’s OCIO solutions incorporate know-how with technological tools in the BI field.
The solution provides the CIO with a crosswise, multi-dimensional overview of the organization’s activities, depicting operational aspects, IT services quality and availability, projects statuses, QA process statuses, and more.   PROCEED has set up collaborations with global companies who have experience and a proven track record in successful implementations around the world.




  • Project Pricing Processes – consultation and guidance

The challenge:
It is a fact that many projects do not make the targets in planning, capacity, budget and schedule.
One of the main reasons for deviating from the project’s budget is when the initial estimates were unrealistic to begin with.
The reasons for unrealistic project pricing estimates are diverse – some stem from the fact that usage is being made of process and pricing tools which are unsuited to the organization’s requirements.
IT project pricing is a complex, crosswise process having multiple businesswise consequences.

PROCEED’s Solution:
We have developed a practicable model for project pricing within organizations
This model is based on a set methodology as well as on accumulated experience and supportive designated tools.
The model incorporates quantitative aspects, Risk factors and other parameters which assist in making accurate predictions and estimates.

Based on PROCEED’s pricing model, we offer the following services:
1. Methodological guidance and advancement of the pricing concept most suited to the organization’s requirements.
2 Implementing supportive tools to advance the pricing concept which has been selected.
3 Applying BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) – a project pricing managed service for organizations.

Correctly putting together a pricing process and selecting the appropriate supportive tools – results in the affectation of better decision making processes and enhanced performance – which is now more tailored to the initial planning. The result of this is the organization now meeting its targets in a better way, and general overall improvement.




  • Providing consultation in the area of organizational and project Risk Management 

Risk Management is one of the main disciplines currently practiced in Management, particularly in multi-project environments.
PROCEED is vastly experienced in dealing with Risk Management – beginning at the work plan stages through to carrying out Risk Management processes for the entire organization and within the project itself.
The Risk analysis process carried out by PROCEED is influenced by, inter alia, the project’s stage along its life cycle.
PROCEED guides organizations in the process of Risk planning and management and in identifying Risks in projects as well as within the organization as a whole.
As part of applying our concepts within the organization – we deploy Risk Management concepts such as PREMORTEM, Risks at the planning stage and more – and run guided Risk Management workshops.