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It is already common knowledge that Project Management is an expertise- based profession. In addition to specific qualifications, high proficiency in advanced management methodologies and tools is also required.
A PMO has to be a multi-skilled professional – interpersonally as well as professionally. He or she is responsible for seeing the project through to its successful completion.  The PMO has to be knowledgeable in the subject matter in which the project is conducted, as well as in IT and in Information Systems. This is one of the most challenging professions in the market today.
In the area of training – PROCEED offers, in collaboration with PMZONE – a wide spectrum of training programs and courses.
We see through theory into practice by providing training, workshops and consultation to PMOs, to PMO staff and to managers within the organization, as well as  by selecting and implementing support tools
The performance of organizations using our portfolio project management tools is significantly enhanced, and they achieve better results whilst using existing resources.
PMOs who work with us report that they are becoming more effective and are having a clearer focus on the important issues.


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