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Managed Services

PROCEED is the leading company in Israel for providing managed solutions to Multi-Projects organizations.

As part of the managed services provided by us, we deploy our own work concepts, management capabilities and value-for-money advantage – thus offering our customers a real outsourcing option in the following, pre-defined professional areas:







  • PO – Project Management as a managed service

The PMO defines and upholds process standards which are mainly related to Project Management within the organization. The roles and responsibilities of the PMO entity are diversified and vary depending on the organization’s size, project complexity as well as on  organizational culture.  We offer the organization and the PMO a variety of services – consultation, setting up, guidance as well as composing work plans for PMO bodies.
PO – Project Management as a managed service is a unique service specifically tailored to the project’s size and nature.  It enables the PMOs and the organization to get an accurate and updated overview of the project at any given moment!
A Planning & Control service as well as a PMO are being offered to leading projects.
This service is based on a predefined set of processes, tools, methodologies, controls and workflows in the area of management and control – all implemented within the environment of a one large project.

As part of the PO solutions which are being offered as a managed service – we also promote BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) activities. As part of this, we set up a PMO unit managed by us for the benefit of our customers. After the passage of a pre-defined time, this unit is then to be internally maintained by the organization.




  • Project Managers by request

As part of the services we provide – we offer professional PMOs to assist the organization in managing its more complex projects. This unique combination of being a leading consultation company who is also offering managed services enables us to provide:

  • Recruiting and Training – we put a great deal of effort and resources into recruiting high-quality, happy employees. Training and orientation include providing employees with training and support using the tools which are already being used within the organization itself.
  • Customer Empowerment – we offer our customers professional support, take part in meetings and in Round Table discussions, conduct tours to market-leader customers’ places of business, and more.
  • Employee Empowerment – methodological support is provided by experts who are best in their field, as well as providing access to the company’s internal IT Management site, professional rendezvous and taking part in workshops. 




  •  Project Development using FIX – at the company’s Development Center

As part of the Managed Services we offer our customers, we have set up a Development Body which is being managed by an experienced CTO. 
The Development Center’s purpose is to receive Assignment Bundles from customers and carry the work out on our/customer’s premises, as and when necessary.
As part of this, we consider ourselves to be an integral part of the customer’s overall process and are committed to the quality of the Development as well as to the time schedules. 
To this end, we are utilizing IT Governance capabilities in workflow management and monitoring, in displaying the same to the customer in a continuous fashion and in Risk Management.