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Tools and Integration

PROCEED possesses the experience, professional capabilities and authority required for the representing and implementing a variety of the following advanced technologies:


PROCEED is the leading implementing agent of CLARITY infrastructure in the Israeli market.  CLARITY system is a leading platform for Project Portfolio Management.
The CLARITY infrastructure offers a designated solution for ITG – designed to provide IT services and the management of versions, projects, resources, requirements and costs. It also incorporates a unique solution for NDP, and more.
Implementing this infrastructure enables better decision making, and better planning and execution of projects and of complex work plans, and enables the organization to maximize its resources.
CLARITY is one of the leading systems in this field and has excellent interfacing capabilities in comparison with other products.
PROCEED possesses many years of experience and offers a team of technological experts as well as a comprehensive methodological and technological package, tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.


  • SAP PPM  

SAP PPM solution forms part of SAP PLM infrastructure. This solution integrates Central Resource Management with Collaboration Management and Project Management.
Using SAP’s PPM perceptions integrates 3 main technologies: SAP PS , SAP CPROJECT as well as SAP RPM.  
The platform integrates well with ERP perceptions which are being managed as part of SAP and is designed for customers who are already using the SAP platform.



Efficient Resource Management is at the heart of good Portfolio, Program and Project management. To this end, it is necessary to get a grasp of the way the organizational resources are currently being allocated and then figure out a way to enhance the utilization of these in the future. 
Numerous researches show there is a great need for better resource management tools, since existing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools do not provide satisfactory solutions.   
Not only are existing tools not providing an accurate snapshot of the current resource allocation (As-is), they also do not support the running of What-if scenarios. Such lack of support gravely restricts any company and organization aiming to stay ahead.  
The next generation in Resource Management: Project, Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), demands a full grasp of details and that is precisely what TEMPUS offers.
TEMPUS integrates with popular PPM tools and provides a cutting-edge and user friendly interface for optimal management of organizational resources, as well as powerful modelling -real-time based – simulation tools.

After trying TEMPUS, it is difficult to perceive going back to the old routines again!