Agile is a methodology espousing adaptation and speedy adjustment to a changing environment. The methodology relates to work methods for the development teams in the organization, work programs for the entire organization and adaptation of the product to the changing environment.
Agile or in Hebrew “Zamish” is an advanced overall organizational concept for the final value received by the customer.

As a result of the increasing changing rhythm of the change, organizations are required to adopt appropriate work methods that support rapid growth, identification and utilization of opportunities. For this purpose new roles must be defined, customized organizational structures, focus on customer solutions as compared to detailed work programs, flexible and holistic work processes, smart interfaces and correct and accurate use of data.

Proceed specializes in implementation of an organizational Agile concept that supports these issues. We implement all of these and more by means of three principal foci:

  • Implementation of Agile for the work teams (Agile@Teams) –
    Transition of the organization from the traditional paradigm to the Agile concept including focus on the value received throughout all the work processes by means of definition of roles, activities, ceremonies and relevant managerial forums.
  • Agile transformation (Agile@Scale) –
    Development of an Agile organizational portfolio that supports the ability to change during the work year as a result of market constraints, regulation and more.
  • Product agility (Business Agility) –
    Implementation of Agile practices at the delivery stage in the organization in order to support functionality continuity and with maximum correlation to the market change.

Tools and Technologies

  • Clarity – CA PPM
  • Atlassian – Jira

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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