ALM – Application Lifecycle Management is a management process encompassing all the stages of the lifecycle of an application. Starting from management of requirements, the architecture, the development, the testing and the application, and through to updating and release of the version and the final stage of the software when its use is terminated.
ALM systems enable control of the work process and better and more effective decision making.
The information as to which parts of the development have been completed and which are still waiting for work, updating all the entities as to changes, facilitate the work and accelerate the time of arrival to the market.
ALM systems aspire to supply to all the entities in the organization an accurate holistic situation report for all the activities carried out in the organization and their reciprocal effect. Use of the correct tool can save time, money and errors and issue the product to the market more speedily.

Proceed specializes in application and assimilation of ALM solutions in the Israeli Enterprise market and have considerable experience in modification of the various tools to the organizational work methodology and needs – W/F, Agile and also a combination of several different work processes.

Our ALM services:

  1. Implementation of Atlassian products
  2. Consultation and guidance in the transition for use of the Atlassian tool, licensing and analysis of needs.
  3. Characterization of the system pursuant to the selected methodology and needs of the organization.
  4. Application, installation and definition of the system architecture.
  5. Importing information from the organizational and legacy systems and integration with the corresponding systems.
  6. Maintenance service/remote support for Atlassian tools.
  7. Definition and application of control reports (dashboards)
  8. Development services, expansions and complex modifications.
  9. Training and support for users and managers.

Tools and Technologies:

Jira software, Jira service desk, Confluence, Jira add-ons

Xray, EazyBI

Development tools
Bitbucket, Jenkins, Xray

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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