CRM is software for management of customer relations. For the most part the CRM system handles three main aspects in regard to customers – service, sales and marketing.
The software enables documentation of vast and diverse information about the company’s customers, from general details about the customer and through to the smallest of details such as: who was the first representative who made a sale to the customer, what did he buy, when did he buy it, when was the most recent interaction with a company employee, was the customer satisfied with our service? And more. With the help of the considerable amount of information that we receive about the customer it is possible to improve customer relations, better understand the customer’s needs, increase the customer satisfaction and match additional products for the customer and thereby increase the sales. It is also possible to create a customer profile which can help to reach additional customers.
CRM is essential in work with customers and this in order to improve the relationships with the customers, preserve the customers, gain new customers and increase the sales.

BPM – Business Process Management – is software for management of business processes, which enables automation of a range of business processes.
In the majority of companies there are various business processes that require order, organization, follow up and control.
The business process can start with a customer who wishes to carry out a certain action and thereafter the customer requires additional actions. In every company there are complex business processes on one level or another that require automation.
These processes as a rule include involvement of several entities in the organization and outside of it. In order for such a process to succeed there is a need to define a business process and execute automation for a variety of actions which will enable correct and effective management of the process and control and follow up of the entire process in order to enable successful and speedy completion of the process.
By means of BPM it is also possible to improve business processes and assess problems. Furthermore BPM enables digitalization for business processes and serves the need for organizational streamlining.

Proceed serves as the sole integrator of the global Creatio. Creatio is a unique CRM system that combines automatic BPM process and is low code based.

Tools and Technologies

Creatio is a unique system that excels as a BPM system and a CRM system. The essence of the strength of the system is the combination of both of them. The intensity of the connection between the two worlds, BPM/CRM places the components of communication with the customers as an integral part of the organizational business processes. The system is based on the No Code/Low Code technology which enables definition of business processes very rapidly, without the need for advanced technological knowhow, which provides the end users with the ability to develop business solutions by themselves and for themselves.

Thus the technology enables speedy, safe and inexpensive development which provides a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to the organization and enables a rapid response to the organization’s business requirements.

Additional advantages of the system are:

  • It enables involvement of many entities and coordination between the various entities.
  • Division of the project into the number of stages and the number of factors required.
  • The ability to translate complex business processes into simple processes in the system.
  • Digital coordination within the organization and outside of the organization, between various companies.
  • Provides transparency in all stages of the development for the entities involved
  • Transparency, command and control of several projects simultaneously – enables identification of bottlenecks in processes and ensures a high level of efficacy in the organization.
  • The system is implemented in cloud form or on primes.

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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