Systems analysis is an engineering field engaged in analysis of the method of operation of large and complex systems and the integration between their components. The role of the systems analyst is to analyze, characterize and correlate the information systems for the organization’s requirements.

The majority of organizations are at present in the process of a transition to Agile work in the organization. For transition to Agile work, transition to advanced technologies, transition to work with a requirement for rapid TTM outcomes, the systems analyst is required to be agile, with a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements, lateral vision on the one part and attention to the sprint needs on the other, “to accept” a change of requirements willingly and to communicate with all the stakeholders.

Proceed is the leading consulting and support company in implementation of advanced system analysis methodologies in the Israeli enterprise market, specializing in development of work procedures for systems analysis teams and development of Agile compatible templates (Epic, user stories….), in development of systems analysis teams in enterprise organizations and customer support by means of senior consultants and leading lecturers with extensive knowhow and experience in:

  • Consultation for establishment and support of systems analysis teams for transition processes to the Agile world and advanced technologies (service first, micro services…)
  • Professional training in all the fields of systems analysis including systems analysis for Agile projects and analysis of systems for micro services-based projects (DDD methodology).

Case tools

Diagram Tools/Process Modelling:
Enterprise Architect,, Visio

Documentation tool
Atlassian Confluence

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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