DevOps provides a smooth transition between development and system maintenance. Implementing DevOps in your organization comes with significant advantages such as a reduction in ‘Time to Market’, an extensive reduction of manual labor, an increase in the quality of products as a direct result of reduced system bugs, business continuity and minimum downtime, consequently leading to substantial savings.


Proceed is a leading integrator and an expert in the implementation of DevOps in the enterprise market, and was ranked first in the STKI index in this field.

Our DevOps services and automation processes include:

  1. Establishing cloud infrastructures; security; performance and maintenance for various platforms – AWS, GCP, Azure.
  2. Establishing Micro Services; methodological consulting for architecture and code structure; developing Cloud-Ready applications.
  3. Migration of systems to Docker Swarm Containers, Kubernetes and Openshift.
  4. Automation of processes – Builds, CI/CD, Deploy SysOps and more.
  5. Establishing of Jenkins, Terraform and Ansible based automation and ‘infrastructure as a code’ systems.
  6. Implementing GIT, including Github and Gitlab – migration, methodology and training. Implementing solutions based on the organization’s needs.
  7. Establishing an infrastructure for automated tests and continuous testing. Implementing tools for managing requirements and tests.
  8. Remote development and maintenance/support service.
  9. Training and support for users and managers.

Tools and Technologies

  • Docker
  • GIT
  • Xray
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • Bitbucket

Other solutions proceed can offer you

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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