Low code is an innovative technology that is gaining acceleration in the global IT market and also in Israel. Pursuant to Gartner, by 2024 some 65% of the applicable development and applications shall be carried out using the low code platforms.

Banks, insurance companies, government entities, technology companies and many logistics companies use the low code platforms and the majority of them have adopted the platforms due to 3 main reasons:

  • A shortage of skilled programmers and the high employment costs.
  • An increasing stockpile of software projects which they are not managing to execute
  • Time to Market that is too long and a difficulty in introducing innovation

The use of low code as compared to regular development enables:

  • A development rate that is 7-10 times faster than the organizational applications and implementations
  • Fast training for low code developers and applicators also for those without prior development experience
  • A significant decrease of the development and maintenance costs for the organizational applications and implementations

Proceed is a leader in the low code revolution in organizations in Israel and carries out:

  • Implementation of the low code platforms in the organization
  • Training for developers, applicators and users
  • Outsourcing services for development of software and applications
  • Execution of low code projects at the request of the customer

Tools and Technologies

  • Outsystems
  • Power Platform by Microsoft
  • Creatio

Setting up and
guiding PMO Planning &
Control entities

The challenge: The setting up of Planning & Control entities (PMO bodies) is a complex field of expertise. Such entities must be suited to the organization’s level of readiness, its management style and to the organization’s supporting infrastructures.

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